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Where West Africa begins

Roughly the size of the United Kingdom, our nation lies on the Atlantic coast and shares borders with Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Over one-half of West Africa’s principal rivers rise either in the Fouta Djallon or the Forest Highlands.

Key Attractions


Capital and largest city

Niger River
Niger River

Traveling 4,200 kms over, 3rd largest river of Africa

Ziama Forest
Ziama Forest

Biosphere Reserve, with elephants

Fouta Djallon
Fouta Djallon

The Guinean Highlands

Mount Nimba
Mount Nimba

UNESCO World Heritage Site and West Africa’s highest point

Loos islands
Loos islands

The inspiration for Treasure Island – the classic by RL Stevenson

The Republic of Guinea

Water Tower
of West Africa.

Guinea at Expo 2020

Journey through our history and heritage

More about Guinea

Something for everyone.

Explore attractions

Enriching journeys. Breathtaking experiences. Guinea never fails to create memories for those who wish to connect closely to Mother Nature.

Explore culture

Warm smiles. Ancient traditions. Your journey into West Africa’s vibrant art, music, sport and cuisines starts here.

Explore regions

Lush forests. Cool mountains. Guinea is divided into four natural regions with distinct geographic, and climatic characteristics – offering the sea, forests, savannahs and mountains.

ethnic groups
living in harmony
unique regions
in one country
0 +
rivers originate
from Guinea
waterways run
through the country
percent of the world’s
bauxite reserves

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Invest in Guinea

3 reasons to invest in Guinea

1. More Opportunities

With the new investor code and the government’s economic and social development plans, investment opportunities are multiplying, and economic and infrastructure projects are booming.

2. Less risk

Guinea offers an increasingly stable macroeconomic framework through the continuous improvement of its reforms to allow investors to operate in an environment of political stability, a healthy banking system and low corruption.

3. More Profit

Combining unparalleled market access to West Africa and an attractive tax environment, Guinea is full of growth opportunities for investors from around the world.

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